LST 454 vs. Japan

Decmeber 26, 1943 at Cape Glouester

Fired on Japanese dive bomber which crossed 400 yards astern of ship. Expended 75 rounds of 20mm ammunition. No damage. Received 7 Marine casualties from beach.

March 2, 1944 at Admiralty Islands

During and after assult landing this ship fired on enemy held positions on shore with 3"50 cal. Expended 70 rounds. Up to this date this ship is the only LST that has taken part in every landing,assult, or otherwise in the Southwest Pacific

September 18, 1944 at Morotai Island

Just off Morotai Island one bomb from enemy plane was dropped between column one and two. No damage done.

November 23, 1944 at Enroute to Leyte, P.I.

Convoy was attacked by enemy torpedo planes-one Jap plane destroyed. No damage.

November 24, 1944 at Leyte, P.I.

A bomb from enemy plane was dropped 400 yards off port quarter. This ship opened fire but plane escaped. No damage.

January 5, 1945 at Enroute to Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I.

Attacked by enemy midget submarine. No damage.

January 7, 1945 at Enroute to Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I.

One enemy plane sighted off port quarter in dive; dropped two bomb off U.S.S. LST 486. This ship claims hit on plane and credit for shooting it down. No damage.

January 9, 1945 at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I.

Fired on two enemy planes with unknown results. Ammuntion expended, 1004 rounds of 20mm; 370 rounds of 50 cal.; 280 rounds of 40mm; and 1 round of 3"50 cal. No damage.