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LST's In General

LST stands for Landing Ship, Tank. A common nick name was Large Slow Target due to its slow speed and that it contained many troops, tanks, and ammo. By carring those supplies, they were a very desrible targets for Jap planes. The ship was armed terribly, they only had one big gun and they were defenseless on shores that were very shallow because thier Tin Can escorts (destroyers) could not go into those waters(I have a story about this too, I will try to get it up soon). But, there is one good thing about LST's. It is hard to measure the draft so when a sub fires a torpedo so a torpedo has a good chance at missing(and yes this did happen to the 454, a torpedo sailed right under the ship. I will also try to get that story up soon). One Final note, from the begining of the ship's days, the crew considered he lucky. That proved true when the war was over, no one on the ship was killed or badly injured during the three year history of the ship.